The problem with noisy server rooms

It is not until you enter a data center do you realize the magnitude of the problem. Data centers produce horrific levels of noise. This is primarily caused by the cooling fans required to keep the mega-computers running and is augmented by the whirring of storage discs. Hard wall and floor surfaces augment the problem by reflecting the energy back into the room. The cacophony of noise makes it practically impossible for technicians to work in the environment without undue mental fatigue. This not only reduces productivity, it increases the opportunity for error. Of primary concern is that exposure to these high sound pressure levels for extended periods can lead to hearing impairment and even permanent hearing loss.  Once the noise is generated, keeping it from agitating nearby offices becomes a challenge. Typical low density T-Bar ceiling tiles are ill-equipped at stopping and containing noise. It merely passes through the tile and goes into the plenum where it travels to adjacent offices, polluting the space with noise.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Reducing noise in these spaces is simple and affordable. For optimal results, a multi-effort approach is suggested. As the data racks and whirring fans span from floor to ceiling, positioning 2” thick Broadway™ panels as close to the source as possible will absorb noise energy before it has a chance to expand into the room. Broadway panels are made from high density glass wool and fully contained with micromesh and resin hardened edges. These are available in a rugged polyester tweed or may be ordered in a paintable latex finish. The next phase is to apply the same 2” thick Broadway panels to 25% to 40% of the available wall space. These panels are spread around the room as needed as they are used to absorb the reverberant field and are as easy to put up as hanging a picture. Once installed, noise levels will be dramatically reduced and immediately improve communication between staffers. Finally, containing noise from polluting nearby spaces is done using Primacoustic ThunderTiles™. These unique ceiling tiles combine the same high-performance absorptive qualities as the Broadway panels with a heavy gypsum backing board that adds mass to block sound from escaping. ThunderTiles come in standard 24”x24” and 24”x48” sizes to retrofit inside standard T-Bar systems without the need for special tools. All Primacoustic tiles are class-A fire-rated and are safe for use anywhere.

Executive Summary

  • Immediately lowers the incredible noise levels inside the data center
  • Improves working conditions and enables communication between staff
  • Reduces health-related risk associated with hearing loss and subsequent liability
  • Super easy to install, can be done by maintenance staff using regular tools
  • Passive solution, does not require servicing or maintenance after installation