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Top view of multiple grey hanging acoustic baffles in room

Ceiling Acoustics

Treating the ceiling can often lead to the best solution for acoustic sound control. This is particularly true in larger venues and in commercial installations where windows, doors and art can make hanging acoustic panels on walls impossible. Drop-down T-Bar ceilings can also present an unwanted conduit for sound transmission if left unchecked.

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Acoustic treatment out of sight

Primacoustic offers a wide array of acoustic ceiling panels for just about any situation: For commercial installations, horizontally suspended Broadway Clouds are ideally suited for controlling sound in restaurants, cafeterias, museums and retail spaces. For rooms with high ceilings, vertically suspended Broadway Baffles absorb energy on both sides making them ultra effective. For spaces such as offices, that employ T-Bar ceilings, ineffective fibre panels can be retrofitted with StratoTiles for improved acoustics while ThunderTiles can be used to both control acoustic sound energy and stop sound from travelling between rooms.


Broadway Clouds

EcoScapes Clouds

Stratus Studio Cloud


Broadway Baffles

Designer Grain Beams

Ceiling Tiles



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