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Designer Grain

Designed to add a real wood feel to any space that requires acoustic treatment.

Cafe Slatwall

Acoustic Treatment in Complete Harmony with your Décor

Managing noise in your space’s shouldn’t require you to go back to the drawing board with the interior design, potentially ruining your carefully-thought-out look. The range is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, complementing your existing aesthetic, rather than taking it over. Whether your space calls for a rustic, cabin look, or for slick minimalism; chances are one of the neutral wood grain textures in the range will fit right in. All while providing the high quality acoustic performance that Primacoustic is known for.

Woodgrainbaffles Pine

Broadway Beams

Large rooms present a range of acoustic challenges when it comes to controlling reverb and ambient noise. Ceiling baffles are a convenient solution, when adding panels to the walls isn’t an option. Made from high density glass wool, these unobtrusive low-profile baffles are designed to tame acoustic anomalies in large spaces with low ceilings, such as community halls, conference rooms, meeting spaces and houses of worship.

Each Beam kit comes complete with the hardware required to suspend them from virtually any type of ceiling.

Broadway Performance

Glass wool panels are the industry standard acoustic treatment for critical listening, for use in rooms where audio fidelity really matters. Their superior absorption qualities are perfect for controlling all broadband and bass frequencies.

realistic finish

Designer Grain Beams feature the same printable surface as Primacoustic’s ‘Paintables’ products. This textured surface allows for crystal clear reproduction of any image, such as the four high-definition wood grain textures in this range. When suspended, Beams are indistinguishable from real wood, but at a fraction of the weight.

adjustable spacing

With the unique track system built into the top of the panel, attaching hardware is a breeze, with no tools required. Simply screw in the mounting posts. Now you can space your cables to suit your requirements.

Ecoscapes Slatwall Pine

EcoScapes Slat Wall

EcoScapes panels are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephalate), a versatile recycled plastic made from water and soda bottles that offers high durability and elasticity, and fantastic acoustic performance. The panels comprise a high performance PET acoustic panel for sound absorption, overlaid with real wood veneer MDF slats, for diffusion. Combined, they will noticeably reduce echo and reverberation in a space.

These panels also make desirable design elements, designed to sit alongside modern, minimalist, architectural styles. They’ll blend in so seamlessly, visitors may not even realize their true purpose.

Safe and Sustainable

EcoScapes panels are Fire Rated and LEED certified, to give piece of mind to anyone using them in a project. They are free of VOCs, binders, and Formaldehyde. Additionally, they do not shed or give off any odour, and are non-allergenic and non-irritant.

Real Wood Veneer

The panels’ slats are finished with one of four real wood veneers, to give a touch of tasteful, high-end style. They come pre-varnished, making cleaning simple – simply wipe them off with a dry cloth.

Stylish, Modular and Customizable

Unlike many other acoustic panels, EcoScapes can be cut, without ruining the clean edges or releasing potentially hazardous fibres. This makes it easy to crop out a space for an outlet, or install the panels in rooms with angled ceilings. The staggered design of the slats lets you seamlessly cover an area of any size, even a whole wall, without leaving any gaps.

All Designer Grain Panels

Broadway Beams

EcoScapes Slat Wall

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