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Acoustic Design Ideas

Sound. Design.

Primacoustic sound absorption panels provide lots of both acoustic, as well as design-friendly, benefits. By controlling sound reflections and echoes within the spaces you design, sound absorption panels help improve speech intelligibility, while creating a more comfortable listening environment. 

Custom Printed Panels

Sound clarity in a conference room is a must, but so is a professional aesthetic. Paintable/printable panels can be used to display company designs and artwork. EcoScape Slat Wall panels offers a sleek, but natural tone to the room. Black hanging baffles will elevate the level of acoustic control, without being a distraction.

Acoustic Panel Feature Wall

When people first walk into a place of business, they should enter an environment that looks and sounds good. EcoScapes wall panels come in a variety of sizes and colours, which can be combined to create a feature acoustic wall. EcoScapes wood slat panels add a natural finish option for walls and ceilings.

When Performance Matters

Whether a computer room is being used for work or gaming, it should be a comfortable auditory environment. Especially if your work requires frequent video calls, or if you have a streaming setup. Broadway wall panels come in multiple sizes in order to provide the ideal amount of treatment, without demanding attention.

Unique Panel Patterns

A hotel lobby can become a crowded, bustling space that is not ideal for patrons checking in after a long trip. A combination of acoustic solutions, such as TelaScapes custom fabric track systems, EcoScapes Slat Wall, or hanging acoustic clouds, can help create a comfortable sound environment that maintains a sleek aesthetic.

Wall to Ceiling Treatment

In a recording studio, sound absorption across all frequencies is critical, which requires a higher coverage of acoustic treatment. Broadway wall panels come in an array of colours to help make sure your space looks as good as it sounds.

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Here to Help

Ready to plan your acoustic treatment project? The PrimaPro Room Designer and Treatment Calculator apps are an excellent way to start. Additionally, our team of acoustic experts are available to assist at any stage of the install.

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