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Recording studio mixing room with grey acoustic panels installed on white walls and on ceiling

Studio Acoustic Treatment

As the size of recording and mixing rooms and spaces has grown smaller in the digital recording era, the need for versatile and aesthetically pleasing sound absorption solutions has increased. Whether it’s a converted bedroom or office space or a professionally-designed space or mixing room, the quality of your mixes are highly dependent on your room’s acoustics. It can feel like a lost cause, but improving acoustics in your studio is easy with Primacoustic’s various studio acoustic treatment solutions.

Empty recording studio space with grey acoustic panels and sound diffusers on walls

A Solution for Acoustic Problems

Are you tired of recording in a space that doesn’t deliver the sound quality you desire? Look no further than Primacoustic’s acoustic panels and sound absorption solutions. Our London Room Kits and Broadway panels offer a wide array of high quality sound absorption solutions that create a neutral space and enable your recordings to sound great when played on other playback systems. You can maximize studio acoustics with us on your side.

The Right Solution

Room Kits

Primacoustic Room Kits are specifically designed for studios with all the absorption you need for each size of room.

Bass Traps

Control the bass in any room with Primacoustic Bass Traps. Multiple options include corner or even ceiling mounted bass traps to fit any studio.


Monitor Isolators and handy mic guards all designed to create clean tracking and referencing for studio. Level up your studio with IsoTools.

Stratus Studio Cloud

Hung directly over your mixing console, Stratus Studio Ceiling Clouds eliminate ceiling reflections while enlarging the sweet spot in your studio. So you can focus on crafting the perfect mix, not shifting around to find the sweet spot.


Go beyond absorption with managing reflections with diffusers. Create more air in a your studio by redirecting sound to have a more balanced room.

Stretch Fabric

Create the ultimate custom acoustic treatment with TelaScapes stretch fabric system.

London 12 Studio Wclouds

A Range of Sound Absorption Options

By absorbing primary reflections and attenuating flutter echo in your room, you’ll experience immediate relief and a clearer sound. Panels like our London Bass Traps and Stratus clouds also work to balance low frequency resonance and tighten control over the sound-scape, all while enlarging your work area. And with the added bonus of our diffusion panels, you’ll have the icing on the cake for a fully treated room.

Our studio acoustic treatments can do a lot to transform your studio space, and if you have a home studio, we have additional solutions that are right for you. You can do a lot with some quality home studio acoustic panels. With the right panels, you can develop quality mixes, and keep the studio noise out of other rooms in the home.

Two men playing instruments in a recording studio with beige acoustic panels on back wall.

Made of High-Quality Materials for Performance

Because our Broadway panels are made from high density glass wool, you’ll enjoy balanced absorption right down into the more difficult to manage bass range. With Primacoustic, not only will your recordings sound better, but you’ll also find that your workflow will be more productive, making decisions all the easier. Upgrade your recording studio today with Primacoustic.

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