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Restaurant Bar Render

Acoustic Wall Panels

Think about a busy restaurant or a large open space like a gym or office. Sound from a sound system or conversation, travels around the room bouncing off of hard surfaces, amplifying the noise. By treating a room with Primacoustic acoustic panels, that energy is absorbed, reducing the echo or reverb, and increasing the intelligibility.

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Be Heard

Primacoustic panels are designed for all environments, not just recording studios. Acoustic treatment is important for critical listening as well as creating a comfortable space for customers or employees. Controlling ambient noise in houses of worship, offices, classrooms and restaurants can be problematic and speech intelligibility is compromised. Primacoustic acoustic panels are the best way to manage excessive noise in any space.

Wall Panels

Broadway Wall Panels

EcoScapes Wall Panels

EcoScapes Slat Wall


Broadband Raw Panel

Fabric Track System


The TelaScapes Fabric Track System allows you to acoustically treat any commercial or residential space without sacrificing aesthetics, while maintaining a high level of effective sound absorption within the space.

London 10 Home Studio

Acoustic Room Kits

Creating the ideal recording environment is a matter of taste and preference. No two rooms are alike in terms of sound and acoustics, and no two individuals will perceive a mix in exactly the same way. London Room Kits let you design the acoustic qualities of your recording studio or mixing room exactly to the listening specifications you want.

White acoustic panels hanging on ceiling above painted mural in restaurant
Empty auditorium with grey acoustic panels on wall
Church worship space equipped with white acoustic wall panels and white hexagonal acoustic ceiling panels
Conference centre with high ceilings and white acoustic panels on walls
Empty church with grey acoustic panels on walls
Multiple microphones ready for recording with grey acoustic panels on back wall and white hexagonal acoustic panels on ceiling

Optimal Sound for Every Space

From restaurants, retail stores and offices to classrooms, house of worship and healthcare facilities, acoustic treatments can benefit any environment, making it easier to hear and be heard. Lending in-depth expertise and extensive support, we can optimize your acoustics to create a space that encourages clarity, connection and comfort.

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