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Broadway Hometheater
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An acoustic panel that doesn’t shy away from your demanding expectations for a critical listening environment. One with a proven track record of satisfied customers in high performance listening environments worldwide, from recording studios to corporate boardrooms.

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Critical Acclaim

Creating the perfect listening environment is an admirable but often elusive goal. This is particularly true when it comes to critical listening spaces — a recording studio, a house of worship, a boardroom, or home theatre. All environments where missing a musical nuance or an important phrase can have a significant impact — in terms of winning an award, closing a deal, or communicating an impactful message.

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Pursuit of Perfection

The pursuit of perfection is why, when it comes to critical listening environments, Primacoustic’s high-performance Broadway sound absorption panels have been the choice of demanding audio professionals and enthusiasts for many years.

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Versatile Enough to Match Your Environment

Made from high performance glass wool that delivers broadband absorption across all frequencies, Primacoustic Broadway panels come in a range of paintable and printable standard shapes and colours that can be mixed and matched for a wide range of critical listening environments.

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High Performance Panels for any Critical Listening Environment

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