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London 10 Home Studio

London Room Kits

Creating the ideal recording environment is a matter of taste and preference. No two rooms are alike in terms of sound and acoustics, and no two individuals will perceive a mix in exactly the same way. London Room Kits let you design the acoustic qualities of your recording studio or mixing room to exactly the listening specifications you want.

London 8 Home Studio

Versatile, High-Quality Sound Absorption

It starts with having the highest quality sound absorption material integrated into every panel. London Room Kits are comprised of high-quality Broadway panels constructed of high-density glass wool with resin hardened edges that fully encapsulate and contain the glass fibres. The acoustically transparent polyester outer fabric covering is available in three neutral colours or our paintable finish.

Available Colors

Broadway White Broadway panels from Primacoustic let your customers, congregants, patrons be heard. Wall PanelsCeiling CloudsBaffles
London 12 Studio

Pre-Packaged for Convenience

London Room Kits are available in a range of pre-packaged panels for rooms of various sizes, from small to large. The London 8, London 10, London 12, and London 16 kits enable you to integrate the perfect amount of panels to treat your room, helping eliminate common sonic problems such as reflections, resonance, flutter echo, and standing waves.

Choose Your Studio Room Kit

London 8

The London 8 Room Kit is perfect for smaller rooms up to 100ft² (9m²). It’s also a great choice for larger rooms when combined with other Primacoustic sound absorption panels.

London 10

London 10 Room Kits are designed for rooms up to 120ft² (11m²).

London 12

London 12 Room Kit is the perfect solution for controlling sound in rooms up to 150ft² (14m²).

London 16

The London 16 Room Kit is the perfect solution for rooms up to 200ft² (19m²) such as studio control rooms, tracking rooms, or large home theatres.

Find the right Product

Not sure which London Room kit is best for you? Try our PrimaPro Room Calculator to get a recommendation for the right product.

Clarity Imagegallery 1

Office Room Kits

Be heard in any space. Help manage noisy offices and boardrooms with Clarity Room Kits. Hand picked products that will work in any office environment to help control busy offices.

London 16 Wclouds

Quick, Easy Installation

Each kit comes complete with a selection of Scatter Blocks, Control Columns, (and in the case of the London 12 & 16, Broadband Panels,) mounting Impalers, wall anchors and screws. Installation is quick and easy — fasten the Impalers to the wall using a couple of screws and simply hang the Broadway panels in place, just like hanging a picture. No more messy glue or expensive wall clean-up, and panels can be easily and cleanly relocated by reinstalling the Impalers in other locations.

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