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London 8

Smaller spaces can present big challenges when it comes to controlling room anomalies such as reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and resonance. This is because the walls, floor, and ceiling are closer together in a small room and, without treatment, sound will travel and bounce from surface to surface if not controlled.

Whether it’s your home studio, a home theatre, or a larger space that you want to partially treat, you’ll find that London 8 panels will go a long way in controlling unwanted anomalies in a smaller room.

The London 8 Room Kit is perfect for smaller rooms up to 100ft² (9m²). It’s also a great choice for larger rooms when combined with any of Primacoustic’s sound absorption panels.

London 8 Home Studio

London Room Kits let you design the acoustic qualities of your recording studio or mixing room exactly to the listening specifications you want.

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London 8

Product Variations


London 8



SKU Edge Finish
Z900-0105-09 Beveled Paintable
Z900-0105-00 Beveled Fabric
Z900-0105-03 Beveled Fabric
Z900-0105-08 Beveled Fabric
Broadway Finishes Content 7

Broadway Panels

High Performance Panels for any Critical Listening Environment

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Kit Contents

Control Column36 Black Control Columns 12 x 36 x 1.5 in (305 x 910 x 38 mm) 4
Scatter Black Scatter Blocks 12 × 12 x 1 in (305 × 305 x 25 mm) 8
Surface Impalers 16
Drywall anchors and screws

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Critical Listening Accolade

Critical Listening

Glass wool panels are the industry standard acoustic treatment for critical listening, for use in rooms where audio fidelity really matters. Their superior absorption qualities are perfect for controlling all broadband and bass frequencies.


Fire Rated

Primacoustic Panels are fire rated to be safe to use in any environment.



LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

Essential Information


  • Absorption Material: Glass wool
  • Finish: Acoustically transparent Polyester fabric
Yes. Broadway London Room Kits have been tested multiple times to meet class-A requirements in both the United States and in Canada to ensure they are safe for use everywhere. This includes separate tests for the USA called ASTM-E84 and Can/UL C102 for Canada.
Yes they often do. By having one end of the room more ambient and the other darker, you can enjoy different sounds and apply them to instruments to create different effects. For instance a drum kit in a big live room can be made to sound huge! An acoustic guitar with lots of ambiance is particularly cool with classical music. For jazz, you may want to tighten up the drum kit by placing it in a more heavily treated area… it really depends on the production you are trying to achieve.
It is more a question of reflective angles and aesthetics. Most folks space the panels by about 2″ or 3″ apart at the ‘source-end’ of the room while more space is typical at the ‘receive-end’ to allow more air due to reflections.
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