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Acoustic Bass Traps

Bass control is without a doubt the most challenging aspect to creating the ultimate acoustic space. Here at Primacoustic, we understand this challenge, and we offer a wide selection of acoustic bass traps to suit all of your needs. Loud or high-pitched sounds are often the most noticeable, but a more insidious noise that can bother you and disrupt your space is a bass frequency sound wave, something low and booming. It’s unpleasant and can make hearing difficult, but you can solve your acoustic situation with Primacoustic’s bass traps.

Acoustic bass traps come in multiple shapes and sizes, and at Primacoustic, we are sure to have the right bass trap panels to suit your space. Whether you need standard studio bass traps or something like ceiling or corner bass traps, we have you covered. Primacoustic is here to provide you with diffusers that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in providing superior bass control. If you need bass traps, don’t hesitate to contact us at Primacoustic!

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