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London Bass Trap

While the critical listening position is essential to focus on in room sound design, a well-documented scientific fact is that the most difficult frequencies to control are in the deep low bass region. This is due to the long wavelengths that require a lot of energy to produce, and then tremendous effort to control. These low bass frequencies tend to gravitate towards the corners of a room, where they get “stuck,” leading to frequency bumps in the room that cause the sound to change depending on where you are positioned.

The London Bass Trap kit is the perfect solution to this “too much bass” problem. Easily mounted in room corners, London Bass Trap kits use high-density glass wool panels to trap low frequencies as they enter, and try to exit, the room corner.

London Bass Trap

Product Variations


London Bass Trap



24 × 48 in


SKU Edge Thickness Finish Box Qty Surface Area Coverage (per box)
Z840-1212-03 Beveled 2" (51mm) Fabric 2 16 sq ft (1.5 sq m)
Z840-1212-00 Beveled 2" (51mm) Fabric 2 16 sq ft (1.5 sq m)
Z840-1212-08 Beveled 2" (51mm) Fabric 2 16 sq ft (1.5 sq m)
Z840-1212-09 Beveled 2" (51mm) Paintable 2 16 sq ft (1.5 sq m)

Includes 8 Corner Impalers

Mounting the London Bass Trap

Primacoustic Corner Impalers make it easy to mount London Bass Traps across room corners. Corner Impalers feature sharp tips that penetrate the panel and hold it securely in place.

Ldnbasstrap Extra Diagram1a


Critical Listening Accolade

Critical Listening

Glass wool panels are the industry standard acoustic treatment for critical listening, for use in rooms where audio fidelity really matters. Their superior absorption qualities are perfect for controlling all broadband and bass frequencies.


Fire Rated

Primacoustic Panels are fire rated to be safe to use in any environment.



LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

Essential Information


  • Core Panel Material: Glass wool
  • Finish: Acoustically transparent Polyester fabric
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg)
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