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In our fast-paced world where time is a precious commodity, a missed connection can cost a commuter or traveler hours or even days. An announcement over a paging system in an airport, bus or other transportation facility is often not enough to help ensure that critical messages, such as delays or changes, get heard.

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Keeping Travelers Informed

Noisy distractions abound In transportation facilities, from incessant paging announcements to beeping transportation vehicles and travelers talking. In this environment, where poor speech intelligibility is an all-too-common problem, acoustic panels placed on walls and ceilings will help ensure that travelers don’t miss crucial announcements that can impact their business plans or time spent with family.

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Taking Control of Ambient Noise

Controlling ambient noise and creating an effective public communications environment should be a top priority for transportation facility managers. Despite the inherent structural challenges transportation facilities create, acoustic panels placed on the walls and ceiling can bring relief, not only to your budget, but also to those travelers anxiously rushing to make it to their next destination.

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A Turnkey Solution

Primacoustic offers a turnkey solution for your acoustic problems. Our complete range of acoustic panels give you plenty of options to choose from, from pure sound absorption to aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly panels. Our responsive customer service and technical support teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. And our dealer partners are equipped to assist with your installation needs. When you need a complete acoustic solution, turn to Primacoustics.

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