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Acoustic Treatments for Stadiums and Arenas

The roar of the crowd during a sporting event or game can add to the excitement and overall experience. But reverberating noise, echoes and reflections in a stadium or arena can also make it hard for the audience to understand the announcer and focus on the game. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way when you get the right stadium and arena acoustic treatments from Primacoustic.

Crowd Arena

The Roar of the Crowd

Without acoustic treatment, crowd noise in a stadium can reach dangerous levels, over 100dB in some cases—15dB higher than what is considered safe before hearing loss can occur. Placing acoustic sound-absorbing panels on the walls and ceiling of your gym can help solve these inherent problems, providing intelligibility and sound dampening of dangerous noise levels, enhancing the overall experience while preserving the excitement and thrill of the game. It doesn’t take a lot of noise to completely transform your arena and stadium acoustics. Instead of letting the noise dominate your space, invest in the right acoustic solutions to manage the roar of the crowd.

Hercules Hoop

The Importance of Durability

While sound treatment panels provide much-needed sound absorption benefits for a noisy, reverberant stadium, they are also commonly placed in areas prone to possible damage from spectators or a wayward ball. So, it’s important to take durability into account when considering a sound absorption solution for your stadium or arena. Panels that are protected by a covering, such as transparent polyester tweed, will last longer and help ensure your acoustic solutions look as good as they work.


A Turnkey Solution

Primacoustic offers a turnkey solution for your acoustic problems. Our complete range of stadium and arena acoustic treatments give you plenty of options to choose from, from pure sound absorption to aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly panels. Our responsive customer service and technical support teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. And our dealer partners are equipped to assist with your installation needs. When you need a complete acoustic solution, turn to Primacoustic.

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