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Patient privacy and comfort are two vital considerations your healthcare facility must take into account in creating a welcoming and safe environment for patients. Excessive noise in patient rooms and other areas can raise patient stress levels. And doctor-patient conversations must remain confidential and within the confines of the room or office where they are taking place.

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Patient Comfort and Acoustics

Patients expect assurance of privacy and discretion in a healthcare setting. Too often, thin walls and tile ceilings with poor sound absorption qualities compromise the privacy with patient-doctor conversations. A patient’s negative review on social media about a less-than-ideal experience at your healthcare facility can quickly go viral and diminish quality of care perceptions.

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Privacy and HIPAA Regulations For Acoustics

Aesthetically pleasing acoustic panels and clouds on the walls and ceilings of your facility can help ensure patients feel calm and confident that their care is being handled with utmost professional privacy and integrity. This helps address HIPAA regulations that recognize a healthcare facility’s PI (Privacy Index) compliance. PI is a HIPAA-recognized measure of speech intelligibility in healthcare environments.

Two black physio beds in open white room with four custom printed acoustic panels on the wall.

A Turnkey Solution

Primacoustic offers a turnkey solution for your acoustic problems. Our complete range of acoustic panels give you plenty of options to choose from, from pure sound absorption to aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly panels. Our responsive customer service and technical support teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. And our dealer partners are equipped to assist with your installation needs. When you need a complete acoustic solution, turn to Primacoustics.

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