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Having good room acoustics and speech intelligibility in a lecture hall or classroom today is no longer an aspirational design goal — it’s an absolute necessity. The integration of AV into today’s classroom environment continues to be on the rise. And, the growing demand for teacher-student interactions in both live and video settings means that a classroom’s acoustics must support a dynamic learning environment.

Primacoustic EcoScapes Clouds in a lecture theatre

Great Acoustics for a Great Education

Studies have found that a vast majority of teachers concur on a key point: poor room acoustics impairs academic performance, and this lowers the quality of education for students. Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders. So isn’t it important to provide students and staff with the best possible learning environment?

EcoScapes Acoustic Panels in a kindergarten

Why Good Acoustics Matter in the Classroom

Research shows that up to 60% of classroom activities involve interactive speech between teachers and students or between students. Another study found that children who develop language skills in poor acoustic environments may develop long term speech comprehension problems. Acoustic panels offer a versatile and effective sound absorption solution to these educational challenges.

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A Turnkey Solution

Primacoustic offers a turnkey solution for your acoustic problems. Our complete range of acoustic panels give you plenty of options to choose from, from pure sound absorption to aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly panels. Our responsive customer service and technical support teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. And our dealer partners are equipped to assist with your installation needs. When you need a complete acoustic solution, turn to Primacoustics.

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