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Office Acoustic Panels

Is it possible that poor acoustics in your company or corporate spaces could be impacting your business’ bottom line? Research shows that 86% of employees and executives cite poor communication as a primary reason for lower productivity, and that a good communications environment can increase productivity by as much as 25%. If you want to create a good communications environment and capitalize on that increased productivity, then look no further than Primacoustic and our quality office acoustic panels.

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The Importance of Being Heard

A good percentage of communication in business is non-verbal. But it’s essential that the verbal portion — conversations, discussions, etc. be heard clearly. Unfortunately, too many corporate spaces are designed more for aesthetic appeal than speech intelligibility and acoustics. These wide open office spaces and cavernous conference rooms might impress at first sight. But they lose appeal when room reflections, reverb and ambient noise make conversations a challenge. Thankfully, with the right sound-absorbing panels for the office, clear communication is easy.

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The Aesthetics of Acoustic Design

Office designers often face a tradeoff between aesthetics and intelligibility, creating elegant, eye-catching corporate spaces streamlined with glass, hard surfaces and high ceilings. While aesthetically appealing, these open spaces can have lots of acoustic problems, including sound reflections, echoes and reverb. The result is poor intelligibility, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With Primacoustics’ conference room acoustic panels, you can achieve the right sound intelligibility your office space requires.

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A Turnkey Solution

Primacoustic offers a turnkey solution for your acoustic problems. Our complete range of acoustic panels give you plenty of options to choose from, from pure sound absorption to aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly panels. Responsive customer service and technical support teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. And our dealer partners can assist with your installation needs. When you need a complete office acoustic panel solution, turn to Primacoustics.

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