The problem with communicating in a house of worship

Your message is important and needs to be heard and felt by the congregation. Whether it is the sermon, the worship music or a video presentation, intelligibility and control of the sound are paramount. More often than not, Houses of Worship are large, cavernous rooms that are filled with hard surfaces such as tile, hardwood, glass, cinderblock and gypsum. Sound from the PA system bounces from surface to surface creating echo and then a long trailing reverb which smears the intelligibility of the message and makes it difficult if not impossible to be understood. Turning up the PA system only serves to over-excite the room and makes the problem worse. When a musical performance is introduced, the challenge becomes all the more acute. This is highlighted when worship bands are comprised of semi-professional musicians and volunteer tech-teams that do not have the expertise to minimize the problems.  These highly reverberant rooms are plagued with problems such as feedback from microphones, lack of musical clarity and most importantly, the inability to deliver a clear message.


How can Primacoustic help you?

Whereas in a traditional environment, the instrumentation and organic nature of the program rely on a certain amount of natural reverberation to provide the depth of sound the listener expects to hear.  In contemporary worship, the focus is different: the service is driven by a sound system that must at once excite while delivering a clear message. In other words, a controlled acoustical environment is essential. Covering 15-25% of the wall surface area with 2” (5cm) thick Broadway™ acoustic panels can tailor the acoustic performance of the space to suit the style of worship. Broadway panels are made from high density glass wool for exceptionally even absorption across the music and voice spectrum. Each panel features resin hardened edges and a micromesh face that together safely encapsulate the minute glass fibers. The panels are then covered in rugged polyester tweed or may be ordered in a specially developed Paintable™ surface. Hanging the panels on walls is done using Impalers™ and installation is as easy as hanging a picture on a wall. Once applied, the intelligibility in the room will be greatly improved allowing the congregants to understand every nuance of a carefully worded sermon. The reduction in reverberation will aid the worship team in hearing each other and they will actually play quieter as they are not fighting a wash of uncontrolled sound.  The tech-team will be able to fit all the instruments and voices into the mix and not have to go through the steep learning curve for new equipment which often does not address the issue at hand.

Executive Summary

  • Addresses the causes of poor sound – not the symptoms
  • Significantly improves speech intelligibility and delivery of your message
  • Engagement and enjoyment is elevated for those that are hard of hearing
  • Cost effective to install – the passive technology is never obsolete
  • Creates a more comfortable and controlled environment