The Primacoustic Radiator is a 24″ x 24″ x 3″ open grid acoustic diffuser that is used in a variety of ways to reflect high frequency sound energy in a random fashion, creating a sense of air and space in any room. The Radiator can be used as a standard flush-mount wall diffuser or mounted over top of Broadway panels to improve performance and add lower frequency absorption.

They can also be used as a suspended cloud or dropped into a T-Bar ceiling grid to take advantage of open ceiling spaces and plenum to create a balanced, large room sound without direct reflections and echo. All hardware is included to hang the Radiator on the wall, or to link multible units together.

The beautiful natural birch finish and limitless number of uses makes the Radiator the perfect addition to any room décor, from studios to waiting rooms.

Order Number Z840-2500-00
Effective Frequency Range 565Hz to 2.2KHz
Outer Frame Material Baltic Birch Plywood with locking dovetail corner joints. 0.5” (13mm) thick, Laquered natural wood finish
Inner Cell Material Baltic Birch plywood 0.25” (6mm) thick. Laquered natural wood finish
Outer Dimension 23.74” (603mm) x 23.74” (603mm) x 3” (76mm) Fits T-Bar drop ceiling grids
Cell Dimension 2.64” (67mm) x 2.64” (67mm) x 3” (76mm)
Weight 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)
Mounting Hardware Woodscrews and drywall anchors included for wall mounting. Coupling hardware allows Radiator to be bolted together to create diffusion arrays. Two coupling bolts included.