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In addition to its effectiveness at addressing sound absorption problems, acoustic treatment is often used to open up a room by introducing a sense of air and space. Primacoustic’s Radiator Open Grid Diffuser handles this with style and efficiency.

Sporting a natural laminated wood finish and featuring a stylish grid design that enhances any room’s decor, you can mount the Radiator on your wall or use it as a ceiling cloud to help eliminate standing waves and powerful reflections in your room.

When mounted on a wall, the Radiator’s 64 cubicles break up sound energy when it hits the hard wood and scatters around the room, reflecting back in multiple directions. When used as a cloud or mounted in the ceiling, the Radiator enhances your room’s sound by creating natural trailing reverb without amplifying the compressed sound of a small space.


Product Variations




24 × 24 in (610 × 610 mm)


SKU Thickness Material Box Qty
Z840-2500-00 3" (76mm) Baltic Birch 1

Mounting and coupling hardware included

Four different ways to use the Radiator

Radiator Diffuser On Side Walls

Radiator Extra Diagram3

Radiator Diffuser On Rear Wall

Radiator Extra Diagram2

Diffusion Ceiling Cloud In Studio

Radiator Extra Diagram4

Transition Portal For T-Bar Ceilings

Radiator Extra Diagram1

Essential Information


  • Frame Material: Baltic Birch plywood with lacquered natural wood finish.
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)
  • Effective Frequency Range: 565Hz to 2.2kHz
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