The Stratus Cloud kits are easy to assemble using simple household tools. Start by measuring the width of your console or your desired listening space. For instance, if your mix position is 5ft to 6ft wide, three Stratus clouds would effectively cover the span. Each Stratus kit measures 24″ (2ft) x 48″ (4ft).

The preferred way to mount the Stratus is by hanging it above the console using eye hooks that are well embedded into the ceiling joists. If a ceiling joist does not line up, an alternate method that works well would be to mount a couple of crossbeams, such as a ¾” strip of plywood, or even building studs where you need them, and anchoring the eye-hook or eye-bolt in place.

Caution! Having a Stratus panel come crashing down on your head or on your precious audio gear is not a welcome idea! So make sure you consult a professional at your local building supply shop if you are not comfortable with the mounting processes involved.

Once the eye-hooks are mounted and tested to make sure they can handle plenty of weight, hanging the Stratus is easy! Just use the cable around the eye-hook and attach the SlipNot to the cable. All you have to do is repeat the process depending on how wide you need to go.