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TelaScapes Tracks

The versatile TelaScapes track system includes two types of track pieces: Perimeter Tracks for outside edges and Mid-Wall Tracks for joining two sections of paneling together. Both integrate with heavy fabric types as well as your choice of acoustic fill material. Built from recyclable PVC or recycled uPVC, durable TelaScapes Tracks can be cut to size if needed. The tracks are available in both light and dark colour options to allow track edges to blend seamlessly with fabric choices and surrounding décor.

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Telascape White

TelaScapes Tracks are a part of the TelaScapes Stretch Fabric System. Browse the rest of the system here.

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TelaScapes Tracks

Product Variations


Mid-Wall Track




SKU Thickness Length Material QTY
T202 1048 00 2" (51mm) 48" PVC 10
T201 1096 00 1" (25mm) 96" uPVC 20
T201 1096 01 1" (25mm) 96" uPVC 20
T202 1048 09 2" (51mm) 48" PVC 10

Mid-Wall Track, Top Load

Telascapes Imagegallery 5

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Essential Information


  • Construction: Recycled PVC or uPVC
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