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TelaScapes Tools

Tucking fabric into the channels of the TelaScapes Tracks system for a professional look is easy with Primacoustic’s specially-designed tools. The TelaRocker is perfect for large sections of fabric, with a curved blade and ergonomic handle for gently guiding the fabric into the channels of the track. The 2″ & 5″ Finishing Tools are perfect for more precise fits and are excellent choices for finishing corners and joints.

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Telascape White

TelaScapes Tools are a part of the TelaScapes Stretch Fabric System. Browse the rest of the system here.

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TelaScapes Tools

Product Variations





T101 1100 00

7″ Fabric Tucking Tool – Curved, Angled Blade

Telascapes Imagegallery 5

Create the Ultimate Custom Treatment with TelaScapes

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Essential Information


  • Custom designed for TelaScapes Installation
  • Hardened steel and sturdy construction
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