Easy to install.

We often get asked why the Cumulus is so unique. The answer is not so much the concept of using the tri-corner, as this has been well known for years. What makes it unique is the combination of the high-performance panel with our innovative spring mounting system. For an acoustic panel to be used, it must first be presentable. If all kinds of screws or hardware is visible, it simply will not make it into the living space!

Cumulus Mount

The mounting system is made up of five (5) components:

  • Corner claws to grab onto the panel edges
  • Springs that keep the claws tensioned
  • A key-chain ring to attach the springs
  • An eye hook to hold the Cumulus up into the corner
  • A zip-tie to tension the device and hold it in place
Cumulus Parts

All you do is attach the claws and springs to the Cumulus, mount the eye-hook into the ceiling and then snap the whole assembly together in place. Once up, it nestles nicely and almost invisibly into any room d├ęcor. If ever you want to move it, you simply pull the edge of the cumulus away from the wall, cut the zip-tie and it will release.

As for colors, the Cumulus is available in beige, grey or black. Should you wish to change the color, all you need to do is re-wrap the panel with any breathable cloth and spray adhesive. Only thick vinyl will have an effect on the sound as high frequencies may reflect off the harder shiny surface. Woven cottons or polyesters will simply be invisible.