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Recoil Artists

We have the pleasure of working with hundreds of artists who rely on Primacoustic in their studios.

Recoil Phanom Spkr Trans

Recoil Stabilizers

Get more punch and extended low end in your mixes using Recoil Stabilizers.
See what top producers have to say after adding Recoils to their studio.

Chuck Ainley Feature

Chuck Ainlay

Producer / Engineer

Dire Straits, Vince Gill, George Strait, Lyle Lovett, Dixie Chicks

“Your mixes are only as good as your monitors and mix environment. When I began using the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer I immediately noticed improvements in the low end clarity of my near field monitors, to the point that I no longer needed to use a separate subwoofer. “

Ulrich Wild Banner

Ulrich Wild

Engineer / Producer

Pantera, Slipknot, Static X, Deftones, White Zombie, Stone Temple Pilots, Lock 13, Limp Bizkit

“I’ve been using the Recoils and dig them a lot. It’s like a veil has been lifted from my speakers. There is a clarity to the mids and a deep focus to the lows. I can almost see the sound now.”

Butch Walker

Butch Walker

Engineer / Producer

Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, P!nk, Sevendust, Hot Hot Heat, Simple Plan, The Donnas

“As soon as I replaced the foam wedges I had under my speakers I heard a noticeable difference. The Recoils instantly sounded and looked way cooler. F…ing Awesome!”

Producer Crosstalk Joe Chiccarelli

Joe Chiccarelli

Engineer / Producer

Bon Jovi, Frank Zappa, Tori Amos, Chicago, Poco, Bob Seger, Annie Lennox

“The Recoils are remarkable! They seem to clear up the low mids, bring out the ultra lows and the transients come alive with greater detail. Very impressive!”

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