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Is it possible to get more punch and extended low end in your mixes without using EQ or other effects to colour and enhance a track? The Recoil Stabilizer makes this possible, while eliciting greater sonic detail at all frequencies, improved transient response and more defined depth of field. As flat and accurate as a good reference monitor can be, your mixes still won’t reflect the true sonic quality of a performance if the monitors are sitting on a stand, desk or console that results in vibrations and resonance tones that play with the accuracy of the mix.

Keb Mo Studio Showcase 1

“As soon as I replaced the foam wedges I had under my speakers I heard a noticeable difference. The Recoils instantly sounded and looked way cooler. F…ing Awesome!”

Butch Walker – Engineer / Producer

Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, P!nk, Sevendust, Hot Hot Heat, Simple Plan, The Donnas

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Product Variations






8 × 10 in


SKU Max Load Height
Z860-1505-10 32lbs (14.5 kg) 1.2" / 2.9" (30.5 / 73mm)
Z860-1505-05 32lbs (14.5 kg) 2.75" / 1.9" (70 / 48mm)
Z860-1505-00 32lbs (14.5 kg) 1.9" (48mm)
Recoil Features

The Recoil Stabilizer is a nearfield monitor platform that incorporates four different elements to create the whole. This includes:

  1. Retention pad – Thin no-slip neoprene surface secures the nearfield monitor to the top surface for maximum signal transfer.
  2. Steel platform – Laser cut ¼″ (6mm) steel platform adds the necessary stabilizing mass to rigidly hold the nearfield monitor in place.
  3. Curved front panel – Curved front panel eliminates standing waves and adds mass to the platform without increasing the footprint.
  4. Isolation foam – High density open cell acoustic foam provides acoustic isolation to eliminate coupling between loudspeaker and shelf.

Recoil Stabilizers are available in a variety of sizes and weights to coincide with various monitors being produced today.

Essential Information


Deck: 1/4″ steel, non-slip pad

Base: High-density foam



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