How does the membrane actually absorb bass?
Simple. It vibrates. When it vibrates, because it is made from a very heavy loaded vinyl, it does not make any sound when it shakes around! (It actually hardly moves at all due to the weight.) Scientifically speaking, the process is called thermo-dynamics whereby sound energy causes the membrane to vibrate, which then transforms the acoustic energy into heat.

Will stacking two bass traps increase the absorption?
Yes. Not only will you create a larger surface area for high and mid range frequencies, but the increased angle of incidence will certainly help control more bass. The FullTrap and MaxTrap are both 48″ tall allowing stacking in room with an eight foot ceiling.

If these are known as bass traps, how do they absorb high frequencies?
Bass frequencies are the most difficult to control, so the term ‘bass trap’ really infers that these acoustic devices are able to absorb bass. High frequencies are easily absorbed by any porous and relatively soft material. In this case, Primacoustic Broadway fabric wrapped fiberglass panels are used.

Will covering the panel with another fabric change its acoustic properties?
No. You can easily add a colored fabric to match your room d├ęcor without any effect. Only something like a heavy vinyl could cause high frequencies to reflect off the surface. Adding a heavy vinyl will usually increase the bass trapping performance.

Can I use these bass traps behind a curtain in a home theatre?
Absolutely! Most frequencies will pass right through the curtain and be absorbed by the MaxTrap in the normal way.

In new construction, can I flush-mount these into the wall?
Yes, of course! They will work equally as well whether they are flush mounted or surface mounted.

Are these bass traps class-1 certified for fire safety?
Technically, they are not. The front absorptive panel has been tested and is 100% class-1 safe. The melamine outer shell construction will pass any building inspection as this is the same material used in kitchens and bathrooms around the world. However, the inner vinyl membrane has not been tested, nor has the device been tested as a complete unit. If you are concerned about fire hazards, we suggest you contact your insurance provider for advice. The MaxTrap can be used without the membrane should you have concerns and the membrane can be added after the installation has been approved by your insurer.

I am sensitive to odors. Will these have a smell when they are new?
Although we have not received any reports of any concerns, Primacoustic bass traps employ adhesives, resins and bonding agents during their construction and the panels are enclosed in plastic to keep moisture out. It is therefore likely that some smells will be present when they are new and recently unpackaged. The smell should dissipate fairly quickly. If you are sensitive, we suggest opening the boxes and airing out all of the components for a few days until you feel they are acceptable.