Can I stack two panels together to fill the full corner?
Yes, this not only looks great but increases the bass absorption significantly.

Can I change the color of the panel?
London Bass Traps are available with a black, grey, or beige finish. They are also available with Primacoustic’s proprietory Paintables™ finish. You can wrap panels with another breathable fabric, or lightly paint the Paintables version with the color of your choice.

Can I mount the London Bass Traps between wall and ceiling joint?
Yes. However since the Corner Impalers employ gravity to hold the panel in place, you will likely need to add construction glue to ensure they are safely kept in place.

Is glass wool safe?
Yes. The State of California recently pulled glass-wool from the concerned list of carcinogenic materials after tests showed no evidence of health problems. All Broadway panels are fully encapsulated to ensure the minute fibers are not released.

Why do professional studios employ glass wool panels when foam can be less expensive?
Performance. In order to get the very best mix, you need balanced absorption. Broadway glass wool panels absorb sound in a much more linear fashion which in turn results in better recordings.

Down the way, can I repurpose my London Bass Traps as wall panels?
Yes. They are in fact the same as the Broadway Broadband panels – only with special corner mounting hardware.

Are Broadway panels fire safe?
Yes. Unlike foam that can ignite and cause severe smoke, Broadway glass wool panels have been tested to meet class-A fire and smoke safety requirements for use in most countries around the world.