The problem with recording broadcast and podcast

Room layout

Every once in a while, you hear a radio interview or press conference where the background echo or reverberant field is so prevalent, it is almost impossible to hear what is being said.  The problem is that the microphone is unable to discern what is ‘relevant’ and what is ‘noise’. It simply flattens out the audio and sends it out the airwaves. Broadcasters are well aware of the problem – and have been treating their studios with acoustic panels for nearly 100 years. By eliminating the ‘sound of the room’, the message being transmitted is clear and intelligibility increases tenfold.  The same logic applies when podcasting from home, the office or a remote location. In order to transmit a clear message, you must remove the ambient noise.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Reduce the ambient field by mounting Primacoustic Broadway™ panels to your wall surfaces. In this case, the more the better with at least 50% wall coverage from the waist up.  This will eliminate primary reflections, flutter echo and subdue the reverberant field. It is also important to pay attention to the absorption range or frequencies that the acoustic panels are removing from the room. If you use thin panels, you will only absorb mid and high frequencies which in turn will color the voice and make it sound boomy. We recommend using 2” (5cm) or 3” (7.5cm) thick Broadway panels in order to properly absorb low frequencies down to 200Hz and optimize the room for broadcast. Use Primacoustic Push-On™ Impalers to bring panels close together and create a seamless design. Smaller rooms often accentuate the lower midrange. This can be easily overcome by adding Cumulus™ tri-corner traps up high, out of the way. Acoustically treating your room clearly benefits by ensuring the message being transmitted is being received and understood at the other end.


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Executive Summary

  • Treating the room improves intelligibility and communication
  • High performance Broadway panels give you even absorption at all frequencies
  • This ensures the voice will sound natural over the airwaves
  • Class-A fire rated makes them safe for use in metropolitan areas
  • Paintables available for color matching your room decor