Recoil Stabilizer Monitor Cross Reference Chart

A wide range of Recoil Stabilizers are offered to accommodate the various loudspeakers commonly used in studios around the world. To make selection easy, we have created the following monitor cross-reference chart. This is intended to help match popular studio monitors to the appropriate Recoil Stabilizer. It is only a guide. Your personal preference and physical space may dictate a smaller or larger Recoil than the one listed.

How To Order Check List:

  • Check cross reference to make sure you order the proper model
  • Do you need a Recoil to angle downward to compensate for the added 2" (5cm)?
  • Do you use your monitors on their side (horizontal) or up and down (vertical)?

Before ordering please double check your monitor dimensions and how it will fit on the Recoil as errors can sometimes end up on web sites. If your monitor is not in the cross-reference, measure the width, depth and weight of your monitor. Compare the dimensions with the chart below to find the best fitting Recoil model and make sure the weight of your monitor is under the load limit of the model you select. Also, make sure you do not forget to order the correct firing angle as return freight for these heavy beasts is costly!

Recoil Stabilizers are available for portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) positioning. Models marked with an asterisk (*) are slightly under-sized and the monitor will overhang either the width or depth dimension. Although this does not affect the performance of the Recoil, you may prefer to use the next size up over the one listed in the chart.

Make Model Vertical Monitor Horizontal Monitor
ADAM Audio A3X RX5  
  A5 / A5X RX5  
  A7 / A7X RX7  
  A77X   RX12
  A8X RX7  
  ANF10 RX7 RX9
  F5 RX5  
  F7 RX7  
  P11A RX7 RX7
  P22A RX7 RX9
  P33A   RX12
  S1A / S1X RX7  
  S2A / S2X RX7  
  S2.5A RX7  
  S3A / S3X-H   RX12
  S3X-V RX7  
  S4A / S4X-H RX12*  
  S4X-V RX17  
  SUB 8 RX7  
  SUB 10 MKII RX17  
  SUB 12 RX17  
  SUB 20 RX7 x two  
  SUB 24 RX9 x two  
Alesis M1 Active MKII RX7 RX9
  Monitor One MKII RX7 RX9
  M1 Active 520 RX5 RX7
  M1 Active 620 RX7 RX9
  M1 Active 320 USB RX5 RX5
  SCM100ASL RX20  
  SCM25A   RX12
Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 RX12* RX12*
  MicroMain35 RX7  
Behringer B1030 RX5  
  B1031 RX7  
  B2030 RX7  
  B2031 RX7  
  B2092 RX20*  
  B3030 RX5  
  B3031 RX7  
Blue Sky EXO RX5 RX5
  SAT 5 RX7 RX7
  SAT 6.5 RX7 RX9
Make Model Vertical Monitor Horizontal Monitor
Digidesign RM1 RX7 RX7
  RM2 RX7 RX9
Dynaudio BM5A RX7 RX9
  BM6A RX7 RX9
  BM15A >RX7* RX17
  AIR 6 RX7 RX9
  AIR 15 RX7 RX9
  AIR 20 RX17  
  SUB 250 RX7*  
  SUB 300 RX17  
  SUB 500 RX20  
  AIR BASE 1 RX20  
  AIR BASE 2 RX12  
  BM9S RX7  
  BM10S RX12  
  BM12S RX20  
  BM14S RX12  
Event Event Opal RX7  
  Studio Precision 6 RX7 RX9
  Studio Precision 8 RX7* RX9
  TR6 RX7 RX9
  TR8 RX7 RX9
  S100 RX9  
Equator Q8 RX7*  
  Q10 RX17  
  Q12 RX17  
  Q15 RX20  
Eve Audio SC204 RX5  
  SC205 RX5  
  SC207 RX7  
  SC208 RX7  
  SC305   RX9*
  SC307   RX12
  SC407 RX7 RX12
  SC408 RX17* RX17*
  SC3010 RX17 RX12*
  SC3012 RX20 RX20
  TS107 RX7  
  TS108 RX7*  
  TS110 RX17  
  TS112 RX17*  
Focal CMS40 RX5  
  CMS50 RX5  
  CMS65 RX7  
  CMS Sub RX17  
  SM11 L&R   RX12
  SM11C   RX12*
  SM8 RX7 RX9
  Solo6 Be RX7 RX9
  Twin6 Be RX7 RX12
  Sub6 Be RX17  
Make Model Vertical Monitor Horizontal Monitor
Fostex PM0.5 MKII RX5 RX7
  PM0.5 SUB RX17  
Genelec 1029A RX5 RX7
  1030A RX5* RX9*
  1031A RX7 RX9
  1032A RX9 RX12
  8020A RX5  
  8030A RX5  
  8040A RX7  
  8050A RX7  
  7050B RX9  


RX17 RX17
  7260A RX12 x two  
JBL LSR6325P-1 RX5 RX7
  LSR6328P RX9* RX9*
  LSR4326P RX7 RX9
  LSR4312SP RX17*  
  LSR6312SP RX7 X two  
  LSR4328P RX7 RX9
Klein & Hummel O 110 RX5 RX7*
  O 300 RX9  
  O 410 RX12  
Make Model Vertical Monitor Horizontal Monitor
  RP6 RX7  
  RP8 RX7  
  VXT4 RX5  
  VXT6 RX7  
  VXT8 RX7*  
  E8B RX17  
  V4 RX5 RX5*
  V6 RX7 RX9
  V8 RX7 RX9*
  V12 RX20  
  RP10S RX17  
M-Audio EX66 RX5* RX12
  BX5a RX5 RX7
  BX8a RX7* RX9*
  DX4 RX5 RX5*
Mackie MR5 RX7  
  MR8 RX7  
  HR624 RX7 RX9
  HR626   RX12
  HR824 RX7 RX9
Manley ML10 RX9 RX12
Meyer Sound HD 1 RX17 RX17
M&K Professional 240IP RX7  
  1501P RX5  
  1601P RX5  
  1611P RX7  
  2510P RX7*  
  LB1 RX7  
  DB1S-A RX5* RX7*
  TB2S-A RX7* RX9*
Make Model Vertical Monitor Horizontal Monitor
ProAC Studio 100 RX7 RX9
  Studio 110 RX7 RX9
  Studio Center Channel   RX9*
  ER1 Sub RX17  
PSI 14M RX5 RX5*
  17M RX5 RX7*
  21M RX7 RX9*
  25M RX17 RX12*
  225M RX17* RX20*
Quested S6R RX5  
  S7R RX7  
  S8R RX7  
  VS2108 RX7*  
  V3110 RX12 RX17
  H108 RX7  
  VH3208 RX17  
Samson Resolv A5 RX5 RX7
  Resolv A6 RX7 RX9
  Resolv A8 RX7 RX9*
Tannoy Reveal 5 RX5* RX9
  Reveal 6D RX7 RX9
  Reveal 66 RX12*  
  Reveal 8D RX7* RX17
  Precision 6 RX7 RX9
  Precision 8 RX7* RX12
  System 600 RX7 RX9
  System 800 RX7* RX12
  TS8 RX7*  
  TS10 RX7*  
  TS12 RX17  
  TS112 IDP RX17  
Westlake LC 4.75 RX5  
  LC 5.75 RX5 RX9
  LC 6.75 RX7  
  LC 3w10 RX12* RX12
  LC 3w12   RX20*
  LC 265.1 RX12*  
  LC 24.75 RX9*  
  LC 8.1 RX7  
  BBSM-4 RX9  
  BBSM-5 RX12  
  BBSM-6 RX12*  
Yamaha MSP3 RX5 RX5
  MSP7 RX7 RX9
  MSP10 RX7 RX9
  HS 50M RX5 RX7
  HS 80M RX7 RX9
  NS-10 RX7 RX9
Yorkville YSM1-P RX7 RX9
  YSM2-P RX5* RX7

Recoil models marked with an * are slightly under-sized and the monitor will overhang either the width or depth dimension. You may prefer to use the next size up. Please check your monitors dimensions and how it will fit on the Recoil Stabilizer. Dimensions for the Recoil models can be found on the specifications page.

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