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Piva Restaurant

Piva Restaurant

Piva Restaurant

Modern Restaurant with a Classic Challenge

Piva Modern Italian Restaurant is a 150-seat fine dining venue in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster, BC. The restaurant is contemporary in design with polished concrete floors, huge windows and hard surfaces throughout. Visually stunning, yet acoustically challenging. This acoustical treatment noticeably reduced the echo and background noise in the room. The sound of a busy restaurant has been preserved, but it is easier for staff and patrons to communicate. Diners can now enjoy their experience and leave with their hearing intact

Piva was receiving rave reviews on their food quality and service, but patrons were complaining about the volume of the restaurant and the challenges of having conversations. Christopher McFadden, the General Manager, listened to his customers and reached out to Primacoustic to help find a solution.

Primacoustic reviewed the architectural style and assessed the sound within the space. With minimal wall surfaces available for treatment, it was obvious that the majority of the acoustic materials would need to be placed out of sight, suspended from the ceiling. Primacoustic Broadway Broadband panels were selected for the upper wall surfaces, and Nimbus Clouds were chosen for ceiling treatment.

Once the layout was accepted by Piva Restaurant ownership, Primacoustic integrator Paramount Automation was enlisted to install the panels. The work was performed in a single day, and the results were immediate and impactful. 

Primacoustic strives to provide exemplary products and advice to any venue that requires the benefits of acoustic treatment. We have successfully helped people communicate better in Restaurants, Night Clubs, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Gymnasiums, Boardrooms, Houses of Worship, Lecture Halls, and Theatres to name a few.  

Forward room dimensions and photographs to or use our free room quote form. Feel free to contact your Primacoustic sales representative directly if you have any other questions.


Piva Restaurant
“Standing table side with the guests, the conversation is contained while still hearing the buzz of the restaurant. ”
Christopher McFadden
General Manager
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