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Leedia Video Studios

Leedia Video Studios

Leedia Studios Inc. is a video production company based in Vancouver, B.C. Their mission is to create value for businesses through quality, creative work. That’s why when they discovered that one of their audio recording rooms had unwanted reverb and sound reflections, they sought out a solution.

“Even though we had a good carpet throughout the floor, and we also improved the quality of our boom mic, it was still a high ceiling room. So it was very clear to us that we needed some acoustic treatment to reduce the noise and improve the audio quality” – Marion Batista, Leedia Founder

It was not long after this realization that they were referred to Primacoustic for their project. The PrimaPro Room Designer and Room Calculator apps helped them map out their design and determine how much acoustic treatment they’d need, and our helpful customer support team assisted with the rest. A few days later, an array of white Broadway Wall Panels arrived. After an easy and quick installation, the room’s sound quality had vastly improved.

Watch the video below for the full story!

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“ The difference is noticeable - the sound is clear, crisp and balanced, without any unwanted noise or echo.”
Marion Batista
Leedia Founder
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