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A voice is an acoustic instrument, much like a guitar or a piano. And just like other acoustic instruments, recording the voice, whether for a vocal track or an eBook, requires optimal sonic conditions. The simplicity of recording a pure voice onto a single track can become challenging in today’s noisy world. Distractions abound, cars, horns, planes – ambient noise that can ruin the opportunity to capture a pristine track.

Engineers have used baffles to diminish ambient noise when recording instruments like guitar, piano, and drums for years. Why not do the same for the voice?


Product Variations


VoxGuard VU



7.5 × 18 × 15 in (191 × 457 × 381 mm)


SKU Baffle Material Absorbent Material Box Qty
P300-0101-00 ABS Plastic Shell 1″ High-density open cell acoustic foam 1

Threaded mic stand adapter included


75 Recycle

75% Recycled

Constructed from 75% recycled materials

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