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Whether it’s a live or a recording environment, bleed from cymbals and other instruments can create problems with trying to get a great mix. Primacoustic’s CrashGuard is the perfect solution for bleed in these situations. The CrashGuard is a unique sound-shielding device that mounts to the boom stand, preventing bleed from cymbals and other sounds from entering the drum microphone. Essentially, the CrashGuard surrounds the microphone with a sonic barrier to prevent sound spilling from the cymbals into drum mics. Constructed from high-impact ABS to protect microphones from a wayward drumstick, the under-belly of the CrashGuard is fully covered with high-density open cell foam to absorb internal reflections and reduce phase cancellation.


Product Variations





SKU Shell Material Inner Liner Box Qty
P300-0105-00 ABS plastic High density acoustic foam 1


75 Recycle

75% Recycled

Constructed from 75% recycled materials

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