The KickStand is a simple microphone stand base designed to be used with a boom arm or goose neck. The KickStand’s clever design allows any length boom arm to be articulated upwards for added reach. This way the KickStand may be used with drums as well as many other instruments.

On bass drum, the KickStand is normally positioned front-on. Space in the studio is normally not a problem. But sometimes, on live stages, space on the drum rise may be limited. The KickStands weight is more than sufficient to hold a microphone when it is angled off center. This can save space on small stages.

Attaching The Boom To The KickStand
The KickStand comes with three pieces or hardware: The threaded mic stand adaptor, the quick release knob and a lock washer. These combine to allow you to rotate the boom and securely lock it in place.

Start by attaching the boom onto the KickStand. Make sure the lock-washer is positioned between the steel plate and the quick release tightening knob. Once the boom has been threaded onto the stand adapter point it in the right direction and tighten the quick release knob. To adjust the boom position, loosen the quick release knob, rotate the boom, then re-tighten while holding the boom in the direction you want.

Kickstand Setup

How to use Kickstand