Bowling Alley & Curling Club

Conjure up the sounds in a bowling alley as marble balls race down the wooden pathways and end with an explosion of pins as another strike is counted. A typical curling club is much the same. You hear the roar of granite projectiles as they stream their way down the ice and the crack of… Read More


A large cavernous sports arena is a great place to take in a game or concert but, all too often, the complaint is: “It didn’t sound very good.” These large spaces are typically made from hard reflective building materials such as cinder block or concrete and are furnished with glass, hardwood flooring or ice. When… Read More

Dance & Martial Arts Studio

One needs to merely listen to the echo and long trailing reverberation in a dance or martial arts studio to realize that these venues are not suited for music or communication. These facilities commonly feature painted cinder block walls, hardwood floors and gypsum ceilings. Sound from the music system, teacher and students reflects off the… Read More

Health Club

For some, a health club is an oasis that provides escape from the drudgery of day to day work.  For others, it is all about a ‘pump you up’ environment that generates excitement as you push your body to greater physical prowess. In either case, creating an acoustically comfortable environment is beneficial. The problem with these… Read More


Walk into a gymnasium and you can hear the echo from your footsteps as the sound ricochets off the hardwood floor, concrete walls and gypsum ceiling. In some gyms, the echo can last as long as 10 seconds! More often than not, these spaces must not only perform as a sports venue, they are often… Read More

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