Entertainment Venue


Although recently constructed movie theaters have acoustically treated walls and padded seats that absorb sound, there are many older theaters that can benefit from remedial upgrades, such as improving the acoustics in the venue.¬†When these older spaces were designed, PA systems did not exist. Hard reflective surfaces such as plaster walls, ceilings and balconies, along… Read More


The mental image most folks have when entering a casino is a place filled with lights flashing and noisy one-arm bandits ringing away. The noise from people enjoying themselves, gaming machines and live entertainment mix together to create a cacophony that can be overwhelming to the senses. Sound levels build up as sound reflects or… Read More

Bowling Alley & Curling Club

Conjure up the sounds in a bowling alley as marble balls race down the wooden pathways and end with an explosion of pins as another strike is counted. A typical curling club is much the same. You hear the roar of granite projectiles as they stream their way down the ice and the crack of… Read More

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