The Primacoustic FlexiBooth is a unique device that can instantly turn any room into a very functional vocal recording environment simply by opening the doors.

The FlexiBooth features an innovative 24″ x 48″ cupboard cabinet design that hangs on any wall surface. When the doors are opened, a deep 2″ high density Broadway panel fills the back of the cabinet while low-profile 1″ thick panels line the doors.

This creates a 16 square foot area that effectively absorbs sound throughout the voice range, making the FlexiBooth ideal for voice-over, vocal tracking and podcasting. The frame and doors are constructed with black MDF and assembled using screws, cam locks and wood dowels. Shipped flat to save freight, the FlexiBooth takes about 30 minutes to construct using household tools.

Wall mounting is done using a simple ‘French cleat’. The cleat mounts to the wall using the included drywall anchors and screws. Once fastened, the FlexiBooth simply hangs in place like a picture. The cleat features opposing beveled edges that lock the FlexiBooth in place for a secure hold.


Small Aperture: Virtually zero room reflections reach the mic. Very dry vocal sound.


Medium Aperture: Some room reflections reach the mic. Intimate semi-dry vocal sound.


Wide Aperture: Produces a controlled acoustic environment. Natural balance between vocal and room ambiance.

Wall Mounting With The French Cleat