Will the CrashGuard keep 100% of the sound of cymbals out of the drum mic?
No. To keep 100% of the sound of the cymbals from entering the drum mic, it would have to be sealed in an air tight, heavy enclosure. This is impractical if not impossible. The CrashGuard is designed to attenuate the sound of the cymbals by creating a barrier between the two sound sources.

Will the CrashGuard fit all microphones?
No. The CrashGuard is designed to fit common microphones like the Shure SM57, SM58, Audix i5 and others. It will not work on some of the more unique mic shapes that have special mounting systems such as the Sennheiser MD421. We will however be producing other similar devices to extend the applications so that we can address all types of mics.

Can I use the CrashGuard around cymbals to reduce the sound of drums?
Yes. However reducing drums from the cymbals is usually less of a problem than keeping cymbals out of the drum mics. This is because you can always remove bass from the cymbals while cutting high end on the drums will eliminate the transient attack of the drum hitting the skin.

Can I use the CrashGuard like a mini VoxGuard for a studio voice mic?
You could, but it is rather small for this application and would likely not yield optimal results. The VoxGuard is much larger and have more absorptive material, thus would be better suited.

Would using a CrashGuard on a guitar amp microphone be helpful?
This depends on the situation. For instance trying to keep powerful bass out of a guitar amp may not help, but it will work very well at reducing the sound of cymbals from entering the guitar amp mic.

Would the CrashGuard help reduce feedback in a live setting?
This would depend on the microphone, sound levels and reverberant field. For instance, cardioid microphones are designed to allow sound from entering both the front and rear of the mic capsule to create the pickup pattern. Depending on the mic, the CrashGuard may not assist. However with an omnidirectional microphone, the CrashGuard could very well allow you to increase the level without feedback. You really need to experiment.

Can I use the CrashGuard to protect my SM57 from being hit by a drum stick?
Yes. For years, studio owners have had to conjure up all kinds of creative solutions as a means of protecting the fragile capsule housing on the Shure SM57. The CrashGuard can take a hit and keep on rocking!