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Room Designer App Updates

We’ve received some great user feedback since releasing the Primacoustic Room Designer App. Here are some recent updates we’ve made in response to your comments!   Here are the latest updates. Vaulted Ceilings For those looking to plan a ceiling treatment project, a vaulted ceiling option is now available.   Wall Color Customization Rooms now… Read More

Primacoustic is now on ARCAT

Primacoustic are happy to announce that our products are now available on the ARCAT platform. This will make it easier than ever for Architects, Contractors and Interior Designers to incorporate Primacoustic into their plans when specifying a project. As well as providing a comprehensive list of specifications, certifications and test data for each product, CAD… Read More

TelaScapes Overview

Create Custom Acoustic Solutions From commercial settings to performance venues and studios, TelaScapes is a complete acoustic treatment system provided by Primacoustic – including tracks, acoustic fill material, stretch fabric, and installation tools.  TelaScapes provides the high standard of treatment that comes from all Primacoustic solutions, with the added benefit of new creative aesthetic possibilities… Read More

How much Acoustic Treatment do I need?

Whether this is your hundredth install, or your first time choosing acoustic treatment, we’ve made it easy to find the right solution for any room. Our suite of apps help direct you to pick the perfect Primacoustic products to start creating a better space. PrimaPro Calculator Get an instant product recommendation for your room. Simply… Read More

Certified Clean Air Gold

Primacoustic Strikes Gold Primacoustic is pleased to announce that several of our products have been awarded the Clean Air GOLD certification from Intertek. The certification is the latest step in our commitment to create products at the highest standard for safety and quality. All our products go through rigorous testing to make sure they are… Read More

Green Building & Design Magazine: How to Find Acoustic Design Solutions For Any Space

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF   Expert Guides By Mike Thomas July 5, 2021   Providing acoustic design solutions in a noisy world for more than 20 years, Primacoustic has worked with and been an integral part of many of today’s most recognizable artists, companies, and events: Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Sony, Target,… Read More

How to Make a Better Collaborative workspace

Creating an effective collaboration space requires several different features in order to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical for your collaborative needs. The comfort and aesthetic requirements are subjective, bringing in furniture that fits the space, plants, and soft furnishings (more on this later) can really help the look and feel of a space. From… Read More

Essential Gear for Podcasts

The podcast world has exploded in recent years. If you have an interest there is sure to be someone podcasting about it. Podcasts have become a mainstream form of entertainment in large part due to our busy lifestyles. People like having something to listen to while driving, gardening, working out, or whenever they want to… Read More

How Do I Stop My Gym From Echoing?

Gyms, we’ve all been in one before or have used one where sound always echoes, right? Gyms are typically a larger open space with surfaces like hard metal ceilings, with walls covered in large areas of drywall, and a hard rubberized floor. These building materials are considered to have low absorption coefficients, in other words;… Read More

How Can I Improve My Classroom Acoustics?

Education is dependent on the clear, concise communication of ideas and concepts in an accurate, engaging and consistent manner. If the teaching environment or ability to learn is compromised, the outcomes will be compromised likewise. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t want to teach someone to read in the dark, likewise, we shouldn’t teach… Read More

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