The problem with noisy restaurants

Dining rooms can be excessively loud and uncomfortable places that are impossible to hold a conversation. The ‘liveliness and excitement’ that the restauranteur may wish to promote is at odds with those that wish to enjoy a relaxing evening. Many small restaurants are converted older homes or simple rectangular rooms.  They feature highly reflective wall surfaces such as gypsum board or plaster with hardwood floors and windows.  This environment is the perfect spawning ground for echo. As the room begins to fill, patrons raise their voice in effort to communicate and the problem self-perpetuates to the point where the room becomes uncomfortable and communication between patrons and service staff strained. For many, even though the food many be fantastic, the loud volume lessens the appeal and will often cause the patron to find an alternate dining establishment.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Restauranteurs are well familiar with the problem but tend to live with the unpleasant aspect of their dining room instead of treating it. What few realize is that by applying even a small amount of acoustic room treatment, one can take the edge off the room without affecting the excitement. In fact, a typical dining room can be treated for less than a thousand dollars. Primacoustic Broadway™ panels are fabricated from high-density glass wool for even absorption across the voice spectrum. They are available in a Paintable™ finish that will blend with the existing architecture and are easily placed high along the perimeter – up along the beams or the ceiling and wall joints – where they will trap both direct sound and the sound reflecting off the ceiling. Mounting a panel is as easy as hanging a picture. Once in place, you will immediately notice room noise will be reduced and as the dining room fills up, less of the bothersome clamour will abound. This will take the edge off by eliminating the harshness which in turn will make your restaurant a more enjoyable dining space.  It will also improve communication between waiters, service staff and cooks reducing order errors and waste.

Executive Summary

  • Applying Paintables to the upper perimeter will take the edge off
  • Reduces the clamour and noise that makes the room uncomfortable
  • Improves communication between patrons and staff
  • Reduces communication errors while enhancing efficiency
  • Makes your restaurant a more desirable place to enjoy a meeting
  • Will not overly quiet down the room – retains excitement