The problem with home cinemas

In a perfect world, we would all like to replicate the projector, 10,000 watt sound system, elaborate seating arrangement and acoustic space of a full-size cinema, albeit at a smaller scale.  Those with unlimited budgets can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the perfect space.  The rest of us have to work within our means with a flat screen TV, a reasonably powered audio system and the space that is available in our homes. The good news is that today’s audio systems sound better than ever and the new generation of TVs are bigger yet more affordable than just a few years past. This means that creating a great home cinema has never been more affordable. But no matter how good the sound system, unless you follow the lead set by commercial cinemas of managing the acoustic space by controlling excessive reverberation and first order reflections, your room will short-change your listening audience from experiencing the full impact of your home Cinema.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Like commercial cinemas, the first line of defense is to remove unwanted primary reflections from the side walls. This is easily done by dispersing 2″ thick (5cm) Broadway™ acoustic panels near the loudspeakers and along the wall until they reach the listening position.  This eliminates powerful first order reflections which cause certain frequencies to combine when ‘in-phase; and cancel out when ‘out-of-phase’. The technical term is comb-filtering. Unless treated, this makes hearing dialog more difficult and accurately locating action figures confusing, especially during fast-paced scenes.  Clap your hands. You will likely hear a long trailing splash of echo.  Adding additional panels behind the loudspeakers and at the back of the room (behind the listening space) will help tame flutter echo while also reducing powerful secondary waves. For those that want to further improve the listening experience, adding a couple of MaxTrap™ bass traps will do wonders by attenuating room modes. These are peaks and valleys in the low frequency spectrum that can make sitting in one space sound boomy and another sound thin. If dealing with irregularly shaped rooms, try to balance the left and right sides by using more absorption on nearby walls. Enjoying a home cinema to the fullest is best described as maximising the excitement and impact. It is also important that ‘center channel dialog’ be clear and easily understood from all seats. Treating your room with Primacoustic panels will bring greater clarity and impact to the show.

Executive Summary

  • Easy to mount Broadway panels are quick to install

  • This eliminates troublesome first order reflections and improves intelligibility

  • Controlling flutter echo improves localization of sounds and effects

  • Adding bass traps enlarges the listening space by evening out the bass

  • Broadway panels are class-A Fire rated for safe use in metropolitan areas

  • Paintable panels let color-match or add graphics to the room aesthetics