The problem with noisy bus and train stations

As with any bus, train and subway terminal, these spaces are beset with engine noise, car and truck traffic leaking in from outside, whistles and horns and the never-ending stream of talking passengers. The noise is intensified with the seemingly infinite announcements from the PA system warning of a departure change, security measure or a personal message outlining a meeting time and location. As these spaces are usually adorned with highly reflective surfaces such as glass, concrete and tile, sound reverberates without restraint, further intensifying the noise problem. With all this commotion happening at once, we are somehow expected to magically ignore the din and comprehend what is being said when an important message is being broadcast over the PA. The reality is very different: customers miss their busses or get on the wrong trains, lose patience and take it out on employees that are doing their very best to cope every day.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Bring the reverberant field under control by applying 1″ Broadway™ acoustic panels to 14% to 20% of the wall surface area. Broadway panels are made from high-density glass wool and specifically formulated to absorb sound energy in the all-important voice range where communication occurs. These are dispersed to any available wall space and mounted to the wall using Impalers™. Installation is as easy as putting up a picture and can be done by maintenance staff. Should wall space be limited, Cloud Paintables™ or Saturna™ baffles may be hung from the ceiling using SlipNot™ adjustable suspension wires. All Primacoustic panels are independently tested to meet the most stringent class-A fire and smoke classifications for safe use in public places.  Once in place, the reverberation time (RT) will be immediately reduced and overall room noise will decrease. This will result in improved intelligibility as the PA system will now be able to perform as intended. Passenger comfort will be enhanced, stress will be reduced and working conditions will improve for staff.

Executive Summary

  • Lowers sound pressure levels and brings reverberant field under control
  • Improves PA system intelligibility and lowers customer stress levels
  • Reduces errors at ticket counters and improves overall efficiency
  • Passive solution, does not require maintenance or service
  • Improves working conditions for staff, signifying management cares