The problem with loud band rooms

Strike up the band and get ready for a headache! Thirty beginner students frantically playing their hearts out for eight hours a day is only one level below torture! To make matters worse, sound reflects off hard surfaces such as tile flooring, concrete block walls and windows creating a cacophony in the true sense of the word. This makes it difficult for the student to hear what they are playing. To overcome the problem, they ‘blow the bugle’ harder in order to better hear their instrument. As they play louder, so do the drums, then the bass. The problem self-perpetuates.  The poor teacher is now unable to discern the individual instruments and goes home at the end of the day with a severe headache. Exposure to high sound pressure levels over extended periods can lead to tinnitus or even permanent hearing loss. The excessive noise problem can also prove to be a concern for adjacent classrooms. Sound travels through paper-thin ceiling tiles into the air space above, though the plenum and pollutes the room next door. There is no respite.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Absorb excessive energy by mounting 2” (5cm) thick Broadway™ acoustic panels to 20% to 30% of the available wall surface area. Broadway panels are made from high-density 6lb glass wool and are exceptionally effective at absorbing energy across the musical spectrum down to 100Hz. Each panel is treated with resin hardened edges and fully encapsulated with micromesh to eliminate dusting. These are hand-wrapped in rugged polyester tweed or may be ordered in a Paintable™ finish should color matching be required. Mounting is as easy as putting up a picture and is done using Impalers™. Although placement is not critical, keeping them out of harm’s way will reduce wear and tear. To contain sound, replacing ineffective ceiling tiles with Primacoustic Thundertiles™ is easy. These unique ceiling tiles feature a combination of glass-wool to absorb energy with a heavy gypsum backing board to control leakage. These drop into existing T-Bar frames without the need of special tools or equipment. Once treated, you will immediately notice a lower ambient noise level, improved note articulation and a more comfortable work environment.

Executive Summary

  • Reduced noise level significantly improves work environment and lowers stress
  • Greater intelligibility improves communication with students
  • Lower reverberant field makes it easier to hear individual instruments
  • Lower noise reduces health risk from prolonged exposure to high sound pressure levels