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How do Acoustic Panels Help?

Think about a busy restaurant or a large open space like a gym or office. Sound from a sound system or conversation, travels around the room bouncing off of hard surfaces, amplifying the noise. By treating a room with Primacoustic acoustic panels, that energy is absorbed, reducing the echo or reverb, and increasing the intelligibility.

How Much Acoustic Treatment do I need?

We suggest 15-30% coverage of the total surface area of the room to hear a noticeable difference in the room. However there are other factors such as floor type, windows and other factors that can affect the acoustic properties. Also consider what the purpose of the room will be, is it a studio, gym or restaurant? Each application will have it’s own goals for room acoustics.

How Much Acoustic Treatment do I Need?

Check out our PrimaPro Designer App to help visualize the space and find the panels that work best for your room.

Or, if you prefer, use our PrimaPro Calculator App to help take the guesswork out of the process.

Are Acoustic Panels Right for me?

Primacoustic panels are designed for all environments, not just recording studios. Acoustic treatment is important for critical listening as well as creating a comfortable space for customers or employees. Controlling ambient noise in houses of worship, offices, classrooms and restaurants can be problematic and speech intelligibility is compromised. Primacoustic acoustic panels are the best way to manage excessive noise in any space.

Some examples include:


Schools & Colleges

Recording Studios

Houses of Worship

Entertainment Venues

Restaurants & Cafes

Sports Halls & Gyms

Home Theaters

Municipal Spaces & Convention Centers

What makes Primacoustic Broadway Panels Different?

acoustic panels with laser hardened edges


Our Broadway high performance acoustic panels look great, are easy to install and are safe to use anywhere!

Made from high density glass wool, Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin-hardened to assure safe handling during installation. Primacoustic Acoustic Panels are then covered in a tough yet acoustically transparent fabric and offered in three ‘architecturally neutral’ colors with choice of square or beveled edges. The panels may alternately be re-covered with any breathable fabric to suit those with greater artistic flare.

If you want to take customization even further, our range of Paintables are an innovative acoustic panel range that features a specially formulated textured latex surface that may be printed or repainted to match the decor of your room or facility.

Made from over 50% recycled materials
Over half of the high density glass wool used in the manufacture of our acoustic panels is taken from recycled sources.

Certified for Fire Safety
All Broadway panels are laboratory tested for acoustic performance and Class-A/1 fire safety by meeting stringent ASTM-E84 and Can-UL S102 requirements for flame spread and smoke development. This makes Broadway panels safe for use in commercial, government and institutional installations.

Balanced Sound Absorption
Broadway panels have up to six times greater density than typical foam panels, for balanced absorption throughout the audio listening range. This means volumes levels in a space will be reduced, without sounding muffled.


acoustic panel installation

Easy to Install

Installation is easy! Multiple wall and ceiling installation hardware options are available for installation in any environment.

Broadway panels hang as easy as pictures using a choice of wall-mounted impalers. Should you decide to relocate the panels, clean up is simply a matter of filling a screw hole and touching up the paint.

Four standard panel sizes are offered, which allow the designer to attenuate the amount of absorption to suit the environment.

Products are available in individual panels or in kits designed for any size room.

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Need Help?

Nothing is a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we have a specialized team of trained acousticians who are available to give you a custom product offering that addresses your specific needs. We offer free quotes, or are happy to help assist you with anything you need. Feel free to contact us

Try our new Room Designer tool to help visualize your space and add panels. If you need any further assistance our team is available to give suggestions or help plan your space.

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