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Reducing Restaurant Noise to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In a 2015 dining trends survey by Zagat, the number two complaint by patrons, after service issues, is excessive ambient noise. We have all had the experience of speaking louder to be heard by dining companions who are often sitting right next to us. Bottom line is this problem must be fixed or it will affect your bottom line...

Preventing Hearing Damage From Headsets in Call Centers

There are millions of individuals working in call centers throughout North America and in countries around the world. As the operators begin their tasks, the ambient noise in the room begins to rise. A problem occurs when an operator turns up the headset volume to compensate. They not only increase the volume going to their ears, but the naturally begin to speak louder. The operator next door has no choice but to follow suit and in no time, the room noise elevates to unmanageable levels and the headphone volumes are now so loud, that they exceed safety standards.

Improving the sound of interviews with acoustic treatment

The use of hand-held recorders, desktop microphones, ceiling mounted microphones, video cameras and even multiple microphone setups is common in today’s interview settings. The type of recording equipment can vary depending on budget and of course the room itself.

Classroom Acoustics

The following White Paper discusses the problems with poor acoustics in classrooms, the effects on students and teachers along with cost effective solutions that may be considered.

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