The TriPad is a tripod microphone tripod stand isolator designed to eliminate resonance from floor bound noise from vibrating into the mic stand and microphone.

The TriPad features high density open cell foam that has been modified for added stiffness so that the microphone stand will not sway. This is cut into an attractive disc shape, drilled to a precise angle and then cut two more times to create the design.

The mic stand leg slips into the slot and once in place stays there making it easy to move the sand around the studio without having to reposition it each time. With less resonance entering the microphone, you will enjoy a more accurate sound and better results.



Comes in a set of three. Enough for one stand

Material High density open cell acoustic foam
Dimension 4” x 2.25” 102mm x 57mm
Center Bore 1" (24mm) - fits standard tripod mic stands legs
Color Charcoal
Package Set of three
Part Number P300 0208 00