Primacoustic has specially-designed tools to make the installation of the TelaWall system easy. Tucking fabric into the channels of the tracks can be a delicate task and without the right tools can be difficult to ensure the fabric looks its best. These tools were custom-sourced and designed to assist each stage of the installation. 

The TelaRocker is best used for large sections of fabric. Its curved blade and ergonomic handle allows you to gently guide the fabric into the channels of the track. The heavy gauge steel blade runs through the handle to ensure the best support and grip when handling the tool.



The 2″ & 5″ Finishing Tools are more precise and excellent for finishing corners and joints. Available in two sizes and a complete kit to give you the most options for what is in your toolbox. 


See the full list of tools below:

Product Part Number Description Photos
TelaRocker T101 1100 00     7″ Fabric Tucking Tool – Curved, Angled Blade 
5″ Finishing Tool T101 1201 00     5″ Fabric Tucking Tool – Curved, Straight Blade
2″ Finishing Tool T101 1202 00     2″ Fabric Tucking Tool – Curved, Straight Blade
Finishing Tool Set T101 1200 00     5″ & 2″ Fabric Tucking Tools – Curved, Straight Blade
Installation Tool Set T101 1300 00     TelaRocker & Finishing Tucking Tools