TelaScapes Overview

Create Custom Acoustic Solutions

From commercial settings to performance venues and studios, TelaScapes is a complete acoustic treatment system provided by Primacoustic – including tracks, acoustic fill material, stretch fabric, and installation tools. 

TelaScapes provides the high standard of treatment that comes from all Primacoustic solutions, with the added benefit of new creative aesthetic possibilities – such as customizable designs and a wide array of fabric colors and combinations to choose from.

TelaScapes is an ideal solution for professionals looking to create exceptional environments to communicate and collaborate.

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What’s Included

Pick from either high-performance glass wool fill material, best used in studios and critical listening spaces for maximum absorption, or our new TelaFill, which is a recycled material that works great in any setting where communication is meaningful.

All fabric options are provided by Primacoustic through Guilford of Maine, with a full catalog of color options to pick from. If there’s something specific in mind, graphics can be printed directly onto the fabric. Additionally, TelaScapes tracks are available in several sizes and colors to fit any design. Primacoustic also offers a custom-designed suite of tools for easy installation.

More details on what’s included in the TelaScapes package can be found on our Product Sales Sheet



How to Design a TelaScapes System

The first step in the design process is to measure the intended wall space. Be sure to take note of any fixtures that may overlap with the panel.

Create a rough outline that includes fabric colors, along with any intended designs or patterns.

Decide if your design calls for pre-wrapping fabric on the outside tracks, and note which edges will require pre-wrapping.

In your designs, you should consider that a roll of fabric’s maximum width is 54,” depending on the material. Know which fabric you are planning to use to confirm design and order amounts. Any seams greater than the width of the fabric roll should be separated by either a mid-wall or perimeter track, but be sure to account for an extra 4 inches to tuck the fabric.



Make note of all mid-wall tracks required for the design for any transition in colors, or maximum width of fabric.

After a final design is created, calculate the total linear footage of materials required. Here’s a graphic to help you with the calculations.


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Next, take a moment to decide whether to use either TelaFill or Glasswool material to be used as the filler.



Calculate the total square footage of fill material by multiplying the outer perimeter width and length.

Total fabric required can be calculated by measuring each color section’s LxW and accounting for 10-15% extra.

This is a great time to reach out to your Primacoustic Rep to order the final materials.

After reviewing your design and all track lengths and joints, tabulate your final materials required.

You are now ready to install your TelaScapes Fabric Track System.


How to Install TelaScapes

When it comes to install day, Primacoustic offers a suite of TelaScapes resources. Including a range of installation tools and a detailed step-by-step guide to help with the planning, prep, and final assembly of the TelaScapes panel.

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