TelaFill PET panels offer an environmentally-conscious option for a TelaScapes project, without having to compromise on sound absorption.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a common plastic, used in beverage containers, packaging, textiles, waterproofing and resins. Its one of the more reusable plastics and in its recycled form has the ideal qualities for acoustic treatment, being both lightweight, dense and highly sound absorbent. PET panels are made up of 60% post-consumer PET and are 100% recyclable themselves. As the fibres are fused together through heat-bonding alone, the panels contain no formaldehyde, VOCs, glues or binders. They are also odourless, non-allergenic, and safe to handle without protective equipment. The high-density panels are impact resistant, inert and durable, meaning they should stand up to years of use without noticeable wear or discolouration.

Chosen to work seamlessly as part of the Primacoustic TelaScapes system, the panels come in convenient 24 x 48″ (610 x 1,220mm) or 48 x 96″ (1,220 x 1,845mm) versions. They can be used with all thicknesses of TelaScapes track, by simply stacking two panels, for 2″ systems where more absorption is needed.

TelaFill panels have been fire tested and are Class A/1 rated for use in the USA (ASTM E-84-09)


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