T-bar ceilings are also known as drop ceilings, false ceilings or suspended ceilings. They are essentially a secondary ceiling that is installed below the structural ceiling as a means to hide unsightly pipes, ductwork, electrical runways and low voltage wiring for telephone, web, cable TV and audio-visual systems. The area above the ceiling tile is called the plenum.

Primacoustic ceilings tiles are equally suitable for new construction or can easily retrofit into existing T-Bar drop down ceiling systems. This section describes options and suggests installation procedures. Always consult the T-bar manufacturer or local representative on best installation practices.

Once in place, a T-Bar ceiling equipped with StratoTiles will enhance the look of a room while providing excellent control over the reverberant field. For added sound control, ThunderTiles can be used to limit the sound traveling up into the plenum from spilling into other rooms.